EVA Air’s new “I See You” Global Campaign

EVA AIR announced the joining of the Star Alliance on June 18, 2013, officially kicking off its new global brand campaign ”I SEE YOU” through our Taiwan office, Bates CHI&David.

EVA AIR called for the creative pitch for this communications task back in October, 2012, and Bates CHI&David won the pitch ahead of JWT and United Advertising with its in-depth brand strategy and outstanding creative ideas. After eight months of preparation and production, EVA AIR, together with the brand team from Bates CHI&David, now present the world a new brand campaign “I SEE YOU”, featuring Taiwan raised international super star Takeshi Kaneshiro.

The campaign is delivering the idea – “Change the way you see the world”, thus taking people to see and feel the world from different angles through the eyes of traveler Takeshi Kaneshiro.

Kevin Kao, Planning Director of Bates CHI&David gave a deeper elaboration on the decision for EVA AIR’s Big idea. ”We have found the cultural tension through preliminary studies of the brand, which are ‘We usually travel with our eyes, not with our hearts’. Then we defined the Brand’s best self as ’With EVA AIR’s dense network, the world revolves around your vision’. Since we believe the best big idea lives in the intersection between these two things, we came out with EVA AIR’s big idea as ‘EVA AIR believes life would be better if we can see the inner beauty in different cultures around the world’.”

Added David Mayo, CEO of Bates CHI&Partners: “Bates CHI&Partners stands for big ideas for ambitious brands. EVA AIR’s brilliant new campaign is the walking talking embodiment of what we mean by this.”

Bates CHI&David is convinced that communications is about storytelling. Our agency takes half empty glasses from clients and returns them half full. Good stories grab people and shake them.

Since EVA AIR’s founding in 1988, it embraces the core values that promotes safe and on time flights, friendly and professional services and innovative, efficient operations. To Bates CHI&David, it is easier to optimize the power of the big idea in communications for enterprises with abundant brand assets.

Credits List – Bates CHI&David:

Executive Creative Director – Kenny Chien

Creative Director – Zen Chuang

Copy – Marc Liu

Art- Edward Lin, Poyi Sung

Account Director- Maggie Chao, Amy Lu, Val Chang

Account Servicing- Kyra Fang, Hippo Chien, Harry Su


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